Meet The Weirdly Inspiring Man Who Beats Up Pedophiles To Avenge Injustice Done To Him

There can be few things in life that can match the trauma of being a victim of molestation. Worst still, to have undergone the pain and ignominy of suffering child-molestation can be really intimidating and worse.


One such case is that of the life of a man oddly known by the moniker of ‘Alaskan Avenger’. He suffered child molestation and abuse as a child and at the moment has created enough buzz and highlight not to be haunted by the media.


The reason being simple. The ‘Alaskan Avenger’ or Jason Vokuvich broke into the homes of several pedophiles accused of torturing young lives and attacked them with a hammer. So technically, the man is accused on two counts- one of breaking into an individual’s home and the other, of attacking a person, never mind if that individual is a gory crime committer.


But even then, morality begs for some tolerance. Or rather, let’s say this case could be argued to be bearable and perhaps even just! Simply because of the reason that being a child-molester and a pedophile is a grave and gruesome crime, it is an absurdity that no constitution or law of any country in the world can tolerate. Isn’t that right. Interestingly, Jason reveals that he is an avenging angel. And he insists that he is going to mete out justice for the people who are hurt. Jason Vukovich has been known to be unsparing and aggressive to all his victims, i.e., pedophiles who hurt and play around with young innocent lives.


And for attacking the attackers and assailants in turn, he is being hounded by the cops.

[ Via Urban Leak]